Student Philanthropy Week 2020

Did you know donations fund about ONE THIRD of CPP's programs? Make your gift today and join us for some fun events during Student Philanthropy Week!

Student Philanthropy Week EXTENDED!

February 03, 2020

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are extending our Student Philanthropy Week efforts ANOTHER WEEK to follow the Campus Campaign! Thank you to everyone who came to our events last week. Your support has showed us that broncos on campus care about the important work of philanthropy and are leading by example.


This means we have until Friday to show the world how big our impact can be. (:


Great job creating vision boards and setting goals for 2020! If you have not participated yet, donate and share your vision using the hashtag #MyCPPVision on social media!




Student Philanthropy Week is here! Participate in the #MyCPPVision Challenge

January 27, 2020


Every year, Broncos raise awareness about philanthropy at CPP through the social media challenge. This year, in honor of the year 2020, we want YOU to share your CPP Vision! Tell us what you envision for yourself, for CPP, and for the program you are supporting. 



  • Share your 2020 Vision by creating a vision board. Then take a picture and share it on social media. Or you can screenshot one of the digital vision board templates on Cal Poly Pomona’s Instagram page and repost.
  • However you choose to do it, be sure to share how giving back is a part of your vision this year and what campus initiative you made a gift to. 
  • Tag your post with #MyCPPVision
  • Nominate a friend to share their vision board and make a gift to CPP.

Check out @calpolypomona on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and examples.