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Student Philanthropy Week 2020

Did you know donations fund about ONE THIRD of CPP's programs? Make your gift today and join us for some fun events during Student Philanthropy Week!

Student Philanthropy Week 2020

Be a part of Student Philanthropy Week!


We have a whole week of events for students to be a part of. We are also challenging all faculty and staff to see who can get the most participation during this week. Let's do our part and make a gift today! Your gift will help support the Basic Needs Initiative which funds important initiatives like the Mobile Food Pantry, and the new permanent food pantry that will be located in the BSC. Go students!!! 




Get in on all the fun! What is your vision for 2020? Make a donation of and record yourself sharing your vision board, goals, things to do, etc.! Then challenge your favorite people to do the same.



About the club

The Student Philanthropy Club serves as an educator to the Cal Poly Pomona student body on the practice and impact of philanthropy to their university. We encourage giving to all areas of the campus and celebrate the people in our lives that sacrifice for the good of others.