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CPP Giving Day is an opportunity for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends to show their support for academics, athletics, student success, and every program in between. By starting a Giving Day campaign, you are giving Cal Poly Pomona’s donors an opportunity to learn more about your program and a meaningful way to support it. In addition to filling out the application on this page, we ask that you meet the following requirements: 


Basic Requirements 

  • A compelling need for private support in your program, and an opportunity for donors to make a difference through philanthropy. 
  • An approved account in the CPP Philanthropic Foundation or an ASI Donation Account for raised funds to be deposited.  
  • A leader (faculty, staff member(s), and/or student(s) involved in your department, program, or organization) who will add all content to your campaign page and maintain and communicate with Annual Fund staff leading up to and throughout your crowdfunding campaign 


Preferred Requirements 

  • 10 or more individuals (students, faculty, staff, alumni, or others) who can serve as volunteer ambassadors. Ambassadors should be willing to reach out to their own networks using social media and personal outreach to ask for donations to your campaign. 
  • Video(s), image(s), and text that describe your department, program, or organization and your need to raise funds in an engaging way. 
  • Be part of a combined effort with other programs and departments in your college or unit. 


CPP Giving Day is open to current students, faculty, staff and CPP alumni who want to raise funds for specific university programs. All applications will be reviewed by Annual Fund staff, and approved applications will be contacted directly. 


If you have any questions, please send us an email.

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Please allow 15 business days between the end date and when you anticipate spending the funds.
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