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Partners In Education (PIE) Sponsor A Future Teacher

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Making a Difference in Education: Support Future Teachers During Clinical Practice!

Support Partners in Education's Bronco Launchpad!

Partners in Education (PIE), a coalition of academic and community leaders. Each year, PIE provides fellowships of $4,000 to support future teachers enrolled in our teaching credential programs. Prior to completing the program, students are required to work full-time for one semester in a K-12 classroom under the supervision of a master teacher and attend evening classes at CPP. 

Most of our students who work part-time or more to support themselves give up their work in order to complete their credential, which creates economic hardship. In response, PIE established its fellowship program to allow our students to focus on their supervised teaching assignments without worrying about how the bills will be paid. 

Since its inception in 2005, over $1 million in much-needed financial support has been awarded to promising students as they complete their studies towards a career in education.  

Please join us in supporting future teachers by making a gift of any size to Partners in Education (PIE)!

Suggested Giving Levels

$5 - Give A Sip of Support

$10 - Coffee & Pastry Delight

$25 - Crack the Credentialing Code

$50 - Dress for Success 

$75 - Igniting Young Minds

$150 - Investing In Future Eductors

$300 - Empowering Educators

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Give a Sip of Support

Your $5 donation is like a warm cup of encouragement for our future teachers as they navigate their clinical practice journey. Just as a coffee fuels your day, your contribution fuels their passion for education!


Coffee & Pastry Delight

Satisfy a Teacher's Cravings! Your generous $10 donation is like a warm hug in the form of a coffee and pastry combo. Not only are you fueling future educators, but you're also treating them to a delightful moment of indulgence, helping them recharge their passion for teaching one sip and bite at a time!


Crack the Credentialing Code

Help Aspiring Educators Unlock Success! Your $25 donation is the key to 'Cracking the Credentialing Code.' By supporting future teachers with essential exam prep books, you're empowering them to conquer their credentialing exams and embark on a rewarding teaching career. Your generosity is the first chapter in their story of success!


Dress for Success

Clothe Future Teachers with Confidence! Your $50 donation is the stitch that weaves confidence into the wardrobe of aspiring educators. 'Dress for Success' doesn't just mean looking sharp; it means feeling ready to inspire and educate. With your support, we're helping them step into the classroom with style, poise, and a smile!


Igniting Young Minds

Join the Digital Classroom Revolution! Your contribution to educational software is like a spark that ignites young minds, one byte at a time. By providing access to cutting-edge tools, you're helping future teachers tap into the power of technology, making learning engaging, interactive, and as limitless as the digital realm itself.


Investing in Future Educators

Elevate Tomorrow's Educators, One Credential at a Time! Your generous $150 donation is an investment in the future of education. By easing the burden of costly California credentialing examinations, you're paving the path for aspiring teachers to achieve their dreams. With your support, they can focus on mastering their craft and inspiring generations to come.


Empowering Educators

Nurturing Growth in Future Educators! Your $300 donation is a cornerstone in 'Empowering Educators through Learning.' By investing in professional development, you're nurturing the growth of aspiring teachers, equipping them with the tools and insights they need to create exceptional learning experiences. With your support, they'll be ready to shape the future of education with innovation and dedication."

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