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Concrete Canoe

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Concrete Canoe

Mission of Cal Poly Pomona’s Concrete Canoe Team

In 1971, the University of Illinois held the first Concrete Canoe Competition against Purdue University students and became was the first intercollegiate race. As Cal Poly Pomona students our goal is to support each other as a team and make it to nationals! Our concrete canoe team hasn’t made it to nationals in nine years, but we plan to change that! Due to the pandemic our team has not been able to build a canoe in two years which has set us back tremendously; however, we have gotten back into researching the structural and hull design portion of the canoe, began testing mix-designs, and began setting up training for canoe paddling. Our mission this year is to learn to work together and grow as a team.

Who are we?

We are a group of students working to make a concrete canoe. In March 2023 we will be going to the Pacific Southwest Symposium at California University, Northridge (CSUN) to present and compete with the canoe we build. We have competed in the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition since 1993. 

The Concrete Canoe competition is broken into four judged portions:

  • Project Proposal (30%) – Details our approach toward meeting the requirements of the Request for Proposal solicitation related to the design and construction of the concrete canoe.
  • Technical Presentation (25%) – The presentation (5 minutes long with 7 minutes allotted for a Q&A session) focuses on the design, construction, and technical capabilities of the team. The purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate why our team, design, and prototype should be selected by the panel of judges for the design of the canoe manufacturing and building.
  • Final Product Presentation (25%) – This portion of the judging involves our team proposal which includes a canoe hull and a conducting of structural analysis of our proposed design. This includes research and testing followed by construction of a full-scale canoe prototype of the design being proposed.
  • Race Demonstration (20%) – The race demonstration involves paddling the canoe in a variety of races which includes the following:
    1. Male and Female Sprint (100 m)
    2. Male and Female Slalom Endurance (400 m)
    3. Four Person Spring (400 m)

Why Do We Need Your Help?

As previously stated, our Concrete Canoe team has not been able to build a canoe for two years which means we do not have sufficient funds to build a canoe. Our Cal Poly Pomona Concrete Canoe team wants to continue our team’s legacy of attending nationals. Since our team has not been to nationals in nine years our main focus is to make a canoe that our school and team can be proud of. Through the help of our families, friends, alumni, faculty members, and organizations we can meet our $10,000 goal to build our canoe! Our team’s budget can be found below!

Concrete Supplies (Cement, Admixtures, CC Mold, Post Tensioning Cables, PPE)
Display and Construction Supplies
Officer Polos and Competition Gear
Paddling Practices Expenses

Letter from the Concrete Canoe Project Manager's

To all our supporters,

Our names are Natalia Salazar and Luis Manuel, the project managers for Cal Poly Pomona’s Concrete Canoe team. We are looking for the support of our friends, family, faculty, staff, alumni, and other donors to have the opportunity of building a concrete canoe for the Pacific Southwest Symposium (PSWS) that will be held in California State University, Northridge in March 2023.

Last year our team did not have the ability to design, construct, or race a canoe due to the pandemic. However, this year we want to demonstrate the dedication Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) students have by building a canoe that will float, and make our fellow team members and our faculty advisors proud. Through the help of your donations, we will be able to purchase the necessary equipment needed to construct a canoe for PSWS next March and go to nationals in June 2023.

Being back in-person after two years of online schooling gives us the amazing opportunity to work alongside fellow students and have fun while working towards a larger goal: going to nationals to represent CPP. Our goal this semester is to construct a canoe that represents the changes we had to undergo after returning from fully online courses and extracurriculars. The impact of the pandemic has changed each and everyone of us, but as we continue working together, we learn to grow. Our theme this year is the monarch butterfly; however, we will utilize La Monarca as it is known in Spanish. This year we wanted our team’s theme to be a symbol of change, transformation, hope, and positivity. Through the help of all our donors, including yourself, we the opportunity to demonstrate what CPP students are capable of.

This semester our team has been working toward creating a canoe that will represent our school in a positive light that gives other students hope of being a part of an amazing community. We want our impact to not only those within our community, but those outside of it as well. If you can support us on our life-changing journey, donate today!

Best wishes,

Natalia T Salazar and Luis Manuel

Concrete Canoe Project Managers 2022-2023  

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Contact Natalia Salazar or Luis Manuel at  

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