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The McNair Scholars Program

About Us

The Cal Poly Pomona McNair Scholars Program prepares eligible undergraduate students for Ph.D. programs by promoting student success through undergraduate research, faculty mentorship, and a series of skill-building workshops. The program aims to increase the number of first-generation, low-income, and/or underrepresented students in Ph.D. programs and eventually increase diversity among faculty at higher education institutions across the country.

What we do

McNair Scholars are provided with opportunities to participate in research activities during the academic year and summer. Scholars attend our McNair Course, seminars, and workshops on topics related to graduate school preparation, conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. They have the chance to present their research at conferences.

How does your donation help McNair Scholars?

Scholars’ Stipends

The maximum stipend that we can release to a student for year-long academic research and a summer research experience has not been increased since the program's inception in 1999 at CPP. Over 85% of our students are low-income and will face additional financial burdens that make their path to graduate school exponentially more difficult. An increase in the stipend would allow students to focus on graduate school preparation and research.

Cultural Events

Additional funding would expand the types of cultural events and cohort-building activities for our scholars.  Underserved students cannot often participate in cultural events (e.g., art exhibits, theatre performances, music recitals) that would enrich their college experience at Cal Poly Pomona.  Due to the grant restrictions, we cannot cover the costs associated with these activities (ex., travel costs, etc.), and additional funding will solve this issue.

Graduate School Transition Scholarships

The McNair Scholars Program has held fundraising events to raise money for these types of scholarships, but the need is greater than the amount we can fund (our federal funds cannot be used for this).  Moving across the country is financially challenging and stressful for our scholars. Additional funds can increase the amount and the number of scholarships we provide.

Choose a giving level


McNair Contributor

This amount can cover the cost of GRE prep materials for scholars preparing to take the exam. These materials may include prep books, courses, and practice tests.


McNair Supporter

This amount can cover the cost of travel and participation in a cultural event/cohort-building activity. Participating in these activities gives scholars the opportunity to build relationships with one another, thus forming a network of peers, as well as exposes the scholars to experiences they might not otherwise encounter.


McNair Fan

This amount can be used towards graduate application fee support. Not all graduate schools offer fee waivers; this donation would help offset the financial burden of applying to multiple schools.


McNair Advocate

This amount can be used to cover registration fees for conferences where scholars can present their research and gain valuable experience and professional development.


McNair Friend

This amount can cover the cost of one Graduate School Transition scholarship for a scholar who is relocating to attend graduate school. The transition period between undergraduate and graduate school can be financially difficult for scholars as they await their first graduate school stipends. There are various costs associated with transitioning to graduate school, such as travel, shipping of belongings, food, and rent and housing deposits.


McNair Champion

This amount can be used to supplement a scholar's stipend, thus allowing them to minimize the number of hours they work so that they can focus on research and graduate school applications.

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