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Bronco Space

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Bronco Space | Dreamed, Designed, and Built by Students at Cal Poly Pomona

Dreaming of Space

You’ve probably dreamed of this. Been mesmerized by the twists and turns of the clouds. Been inspired by the majesty of modern rockets. Imagined the thrill of exploring the vast expanses of outer space. We've had those dreams too, and at Bronco Space we are working hard to bring those dreams within our grasp. 

Sparking New Beginnings

Ten Feet, Ten Seconds, Ten Times, in Ten Days. It's a bold goal, but inspired by the incredible performances of New Space Industry leaders, like SpaceX and Blue Origin, that is what Bronco Space's Project Phoenix hops to one day achieve. Hovering ten feet off the ground for ten seconds might be a trivial task for a drone or hummingbird, but a monumental task for a liquid fueled reusable rocket engine producing 1,000 newtons of force dreamed, designed, and build by undergraduate students.

In the next year contributions that support Project Phoenix will anchor the team with a strong foundation for success as they move through preliminary designs. 

Journeying to the Edge of Space

Balloon Launch Assessment Directive for Everyone (BLADE) is the skills development project for Bronco Space. While we all dream of sailing across the stars one day, we must first reach for the edge of space. BLADE allows new members of the club to be interactive with a project on Day 1 in addition to learning important engineering and teamwork skills. Though a year-long design competition teams follow a hands-on process to design, build, and launch a scientific mission to the edge of space via a high altitude balloon. Contributions that support the BLADE project provide the backbone for new students to take their dreams and reach 100,000ft closer to the heavens above. 




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Five by Five

Coming through loud and clear! A $25 donation signals your support for Bronco Space's vision for the future.


On the Drawing Board

A $50 donation can help keep the momentum strong by keeping the coffee stocked and snacks abundant for our design team.


To the Test Bench

A $100 donation helps us go further a faster by getting hardware development kits into the hands of more Bronco Space members!


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A $250 donation can help cover half of a BLADE team's development costs, a solid set of tools for Project Phoenix, or a valuable ticket to virtual conferences like SmallSat for the BroncoSat team. You'll also have a place with the Bronco Space team as a valued advisor on whichever project you wish to support.


BLADE Team Sponsor

A $500 donation can sponsor a BLADE team from a mission dream, through a design, and into a build. As a team sponsor you'll be invited to formal design reviews to keep track of your team's progress and have a special seat for launch day!


A Crucial Contribution

A $1000 donation is an enabling amount of money to make sure our dreams and designs are built! You'll have a permanent place on our wall as someone who we definitely couldn't have made it without.


Ad Astra Tempore

To the Stars in Time. A contribution at this level elevates you to the halls of heroes.