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Help Contribute to the Pursuit of Study and Experimentation of Missiles, Ballistics, and Rockets

What is UMBRA?

The Undergraduate Missiles, Ballistics, and Rocketry Association (UMBRA) is a student-led organization at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and a proud chapter of SEDS-USA. For over ten years, our club has been a vital part of the academic and professional lives of our members. From our year-long project teams to our semesterly workshops, UMBRA seeks to provide a unique undergraduate experience centered around the hands-on learning mentality that Cal Poly Pomona was founded on. We help our nearly 200 members translate classroom concepts into skills they can apply towards real engineering solutions. 


Our current project teams include: Singularity Rocket Project (formerly FAR 1030), NASA Student Launch (NSL), Active Stabilization, and the Solid Rocket Test Stand Project (SRTS).



The Active Stabilization Project

The Active Stabilization Project team is dedicated to successfully design and fly a module for amateur sounding rockets that will use actuated fins to actively stabilize the launch vehicle during flight. After the control module is validated through wind tunnel tests and several test flights, the rocket is flown at the FAR 1030-5R competition in the Mojave Desert. At this competition, rocket teams from various universities compete to fulfill a set of challenges which include reaching a specific height to the foot, and developing a payload under certain rules and jurisdictions. The success of rockets are determined on the results of the building process, material selection, and aerodynamic capabilities of the projects. This project is significantly student funded so any and all contributions go towards allowing for better manufacturing possibilities, multiple range tests, higher quality materials to be implemented, and an overall greater opportunity for our student lead team to gain very valuable experience.


Singularity Rocket Project Team (formerly FAR 1030)

UMBRA’s Singularity Rocket Project team is a diverse group of students who are driven to take on the challenge of launching a rocket to 30,000 feet. Our members have been drawn to this project by the opportunity to collaborate and compete at an ambitious international competition while representing their university and learning advanced engineering principles. Members get real-life experience with the rocket design process, which includes aero-structure design, thermochemistry and materials science, structural analysis, manufacturing, composites fabrication, programming, avionics, aerodynamics, and more. The UMBRA Singularity team will spend August 2020 to mid-June 2021 planning, designing, and building a rocket, experimental O-class motor, and 8.8 lb payload to enter in the Spaceport America Cup which is held annually in Las Cruces, NM. We will launch in late June 2021 under the 30,000 feet apogee category against 150 different teams from around the world in front of more than a thousand spectators and industry representatives. The rocket will use a student-researched and developed motor to reach apogee, at which point the recovery system will deploy and the rocket will enter a controlled descent to land safely.


The NASA Student Launch (NSL) Team

This is the ninth year that Cal Poly Pomona has been accepted to compete in the NASA Student Launch Competition, but this year will be extremely unique due to the ongoing pandemic. The CPP NSL Team has been avoiding meeting in person and has completed its entire proposal virtually to avoid infecting team members. The Team is currently on track to finish their Preliminary Design Review virtually as well. Your donations will allow The Team to complete the necessary tests, help with manufacturing, and allow us to travel to Alabama to compete with some of the top universities across the country!


The Solid Rocket Test Stand Project (SRTS)

The Solid Rocket Test Stand (SRTS) is a project under UMBRA with the goal of building a rocket motor test stand with greater DAQ capabilities and accuracy than the stands/DAQ systems at the FAR site. Once the test stand is complete, all of UMBRA’s project teams will be able to use it. Ultimately we hope our stand will serve current and future rocketry projects in their endeavors to test and characterize motors.



As a chapter of SEDS, we are tasked not only with on-campus student involvement, but also outreach to students in areas surrounding our chapter at local schools. We see this as an opportunity to inspire the next generation of space-oriented people to pursue their passions.


Ultimately, UMBRA’s mission is to encourage and enrich the pursuit of study, discussion, and innovation in the aerospace engineering field.


Why Donate to UMBRA? 

Charitable contributions are an impactful way to help UMBRA keep its edge and support the students who are pushing space exploration onward and upward. Your support will go a long way in the improvement and refinement of our rocketry program. There are many materials and services to be purchased throughout our programs and your help will make an impact for our members.


Your donation boosts us to further heights and the whole UMBRA family thank you for supporting us as we bring rocketry to the people!


All donations are tax deductible. Funds are managed by Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization (Federal ID 83-2300241).


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Rocket Buddy

Help us expand and improve UMBRA club perks for members! These donations will go towards gaining access to tours and events at aerospace companies (Virtually), purchasing T-Shirts, Flyers, Stickers, and providing 3D printing services.


Super Rocket Buddy

Help us supply materials for all our Workshops! These funds will go towards materials such as JB Weld, Cardboard tubes, Plywood, Plastic nosecones, Rocket motors for certification flights, and Rotary multitools.


Ultra Rocket Buddy

Help us fund our level one certification program! This program is a semester-long, intensive program that is tailored for helping UMBRA members learn about OpenRocket design software, rocketry principles, general assembly, how to use common tools, basic recovery concepts, and what constitutes a successful rocket.


Donate to NASA Student Launch

These funds will go to various parts and testing devices that will benefit the team's research to build a better rocket for competition. For example: Full scale parachute drop test from a helicopter from the altitude we plan to reach at competition: 4,000ft


Donate to Active Stabilization

Donations for Active Stabilization will go directly towards fixing and improving our existing launch vehicle. Your donations will enable the team to buy new materials and manufacture them. Your donations will also aid in the implementation of two entirely new components to our launch vehicle: an experimental motor and a fully autonomous rover.


Donate to Singularity

These funds will be go towards all rocket expenses for materials such as, carbon fiber filaments, fiberglass air frame, aluminum fins, propellant ingredients, Arduino microcontrollers, Video transmitters/receivers, GPS modules, shock cords, black powder, and more.


Donate to SRTS Project Team

These fund will go towards purchasing materials to design and build a dedicated, portable motor test stand and data acquisition system. These funds will also be utilized for marketing and advertising of the project.


Travel Rocket Buddy (Tier 2)

During Competitions our project teams are required to travel to launching sites that are often hours away. These donations will support travel to local launching sites for UMBRA project team members.


Travel Rocket Buddy (Tier 1)

Fund out-of-state travel for for UMBRA project teams. Most teams compete with some of the top schools across the United States. These donations will go towards helping students pay their out-of-state travel expenses.


Super Ultra Mega Rocket Buddy

Don't Know which project team to donate to? Donate to all of them! These Funds will go towards all project teams (Singularity, NSL, Active Stabilization, SRTS) and will aid in providing supplies like Epoxy adhesives, Aero-structure components such as airframes, fins, and nosecones, Aluminum stock for tooling and components, Aluminum pipe for tooling and solid rocket motor casings, and Electronics hardware for all project teams.

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