CPP Tamanna Fundraiser

Our team is planning to compete in nationwide Bollywood competitions in the Spring semester! In order to do this we need your help to raise funds for our cause! Any donation is grately appreciated, as being a traveling dance team comes with many expenses. For some ideas on what your donation would be going towards on our team:

$10: Show your support for CPP Tamanna!

$20: Props are used in our dance routine in order to convey the theme of our dance. This donation will contribute to buying props for one dance member!

$50: To help us wow the audience, this donation will be put towards all the costumes needed for one dance member!

$75: In order to apply to competitions we have to pay application fees. This donation will cover the fees to apply to one competition! 

$150: Our team is planning to apply to local competitions as well as out of state. This donation will help to cover one member's plane ticket!

$250: As a traveling team, we need to book hotels in the new cities we will be competing at. This donation will cover the costs of one of our hotel rooms!

$300: This large donation will help cover the cost of several areas of our team, and would greatly assist our competition journey!

Donations of any value are extremely appreciated and will be put to good use. Please consider donating to our team to help us achieve our competition goals!!


What is the "Donor Wall"?

The Donor Wall displays a full list of the donations to the campaign, and it can be viewed by clicking the "Donor Wall" tab on the campaign page. Using the options found at the bottom of this donation page, each donor can customize the way their gift can be viewed on the site by hiding their name, the amount the gave, or both.

What is the difference between hiding my name on the Donor Wall and making my donation anonymously?

Hiding your name and/or the amount you gave on the donor wall only changes the way your gift is acknowledged on this campaign's page. Your donation may still be acknowledged through publications of CPP Magazine and any other methods of recognizing CPP's donors. If you wish to make your gift totally anonymous, answer "Yes" to the question "Do you prefer to make this donation anonymously?". This will also give you the opportunity to request that all donations you make to CPP in the future will be treated the same way. Please note, that you will also need to select your Donor Wall display preferences for each gift you make to Cal Poly Pomona Crowdfunding or Giving Day.

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